Thursday, October 08, 2009

27 Wishes...

Here is a list of 27 wishes as well as things I would like to accomplish during this new year. I am borrowing this idea from my friend Katie.

1. Go to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City for a weekend (this has been a fervent desire of mine for a long long time!)
2. Grow an intense and ever-more fervent love for my Father God
3. Be more intentional about setting aside time to practice focused intercession
4. Grow deeper friendships
5. To be on the lookout every day and every moment I'm alive for the Presence of the Spirit
6. To stay in better contact with precious friends
7. To soak in the Lord's Presence every day
8. To love my family with a fierce and intentional grace
9. To watch my reactions and the words of my mouth
10. To take more pictures :)
11. To learn to not be so tied to material possessions
12. To listen before I speak (God gave me two ears and one mouth :)
13. To celebrate something every day
14. To heed the callings of the Lord
15. To be more organized :) This one is hard for me!
16. To allow the Lord to continue to show me how to manage my home in a godly manner
17. To be still
18. To read 1 new book a quarter (I'm a slow-let-it-sink-in kind of reader)
19. To encourage 5 people a day
20. To enjoy every day even on the days where I can't find anything to be happy about
21. To engage in meaningful work
22. To try to flesh out the Lord's Prayer with the grace of Jesus helping me
23. improve my writing
24. To take time and be thankful :)
25. To listen to music everyday (This one is NOT hard for me because I am a music lover, but I find that listening to good-for-the-soul, Christ-focused music drives away darkness and I'm all about that!!)
26. To love on the elderly in my sphere of influence
27. To have a pliable teachable and ever humble and pure spirit so that the Lord can have His way!


Ashley said...

Happy late birthday!!! I hope it was a wonderful day!! I love your 27 wishes!

Summer said...

What a sweet wish list. I am encouraged and amazed by your selflessness, your longing for the Spirit of God and your desire to be a blessing to others. I see the Holy Spirit working in you in powerful ways. (And by the way, I would still love to have coffee with you sometime.)