Thursday, September 14, 2006

A God of Miracles

We serve a God of miracles. The God we serve does not forsake us. I am so incredibly thankful that He rose from the grave that Satan meant to keep him in. He rose to allow me and all of those who love Him to live victoriously through His precious Spirit. He rose to bring redemption, mercy, hope, and exceeding joy to all that He created and called good. Anyone who says that God is not alive and working in and among those He loves is, I believe, sadly mistaken. Thank you Lord for allowing me to be an instrument of your redemption, grace, hope, and rescue to a dear soul who has found his way into your loving arms. I pray now that you will pursue both him and me harder than you ever have before. You are amazing God. You are worthy of all of my praise both now and forever. It is to you that I lift up my hands in praise and honor. You are the worker of miracles and the ever-present, all-sufficient Creator that makes all things new. I love you, precious Jesus. I can only say "Blessed be your name".

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Kim Q. said...

Beautiful! I love that song! When we lived in Abilene, Joel and the kids and I would dance and sing with that song! Soooo inspiring! Says everything that we ought to be doing in our DAILY worship with Him. I am praying your Bible study is rattling some souls and piercing some hearts! You are an anointed servant! You make sure you never stop believing that!

I love you lady loo loo, and I hope you have a blessed weekend!