Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Things I am thankful for today

the fact that I serve a living and present God
the gift of true and incredibly authentic friends
the fact that new adventures may be around the next corner
the gift of spending a week serving with my best and closest friends
being surrounded by cherished reminders of family
the promise of a season that brings new life

You and you alone are worthy of all my praise Lord and Father:) It is an honor to serve you and to be continually formed into someone you would be proud of.


Clint said...

I am thankful that I know you and your beauty.

Beverly said...

things i am thankful for:
1. Lauren
2. Did I mention Lauren?
3. Lauren
4. and finally beautiful Lauren.

lynette said...

a good morning hug to a sweet friend! i love you sweetgirl. have a great day. (i think i am beginning to get the blogger thing goin. i found you!)

Candy said...

I am thankful for you too, Lauren! And I want to send you on your way to Oregon with blessings! Have a great time!

Candy said...

hey lauren - how was the spring break campaign???