Saturday, August 06, 2005

Joy All Around

My life is so full! I am constantly in awe of the many ways God chooses to show me that he sees me, that he knows me, and that he loves me with an uncomprehensible, lavish love. I am humbled that he would even know my name! It is such an immeasurable blessing to know with all certainty that I am his humble servant, a beloved heir of his salvation, and that I am a masterpiece born of a God who constantly pursues my heart. When I think of all of the wonderful things he has done and all of the beloved people that he has placed on my journey, I can do nothing but lift up my heart to him in praise. God is present and attentive in all circumstances. I am so thankful that he is a Father who longs to delight in and prosper all of those who have claimed his eternal hope and promise. May all who enter here be blessed.

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